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From causing rifts between allies in the Middle East to multi-million dollar investments in properties connected to the president, Trump’s biggest headaches in the future could come out of oil-rich Qatar. ** UPDATE ** Qatar provided CNBC with a statement from Jassim Al-Thani, Media Attaché for the State of Qatar:

“Qatar is a force for stability in the region, it is GCC neighbors who have negatively impacted the security and unity of the Middle East by launching an illegal blockade against our country.”

“Last year, US intelligence officials confirmed that Qatar News Agency was hacked by hostile foreign powers, an illegal cyberattack that led directly to the current dispute. As a result of the blockade, families remain separated, students are unable to continue their education, and access to lifesaving medicine has been severely restricted. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights stressed that the “unilateral measures” taken by the blockading countries have led to detrimental effects on ordinary citizens. The International Court of Justice ruled that the UAE must lift its measures against Qatar.”

“Qatar has never supported terrorism or extremism in any form. On the contrary, Qatar is the only country that has taken concrete action to combat extremism after President Trump challenged Middle Eastern nations to “drive out” terrorists. Further, Qatar signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding with the US government to combat terrorism that goes further than any other Arab nation.”

“Qatar hosts 11,000 American troops at Al Udeid Air Base, the largest US military base in the Middle East. And it recently broke ground on the base’s expansion, and just last week held the second US-Qatar Counterterrorism Dialogue. In the words of Defense Secretary James Mattis, the US “enjoys a longstanding defense relationship with Qatar – a strong and valued military partner.”

“The money Qatar has spent in the United States pales in comparison to what has been spent by its neighbors to defame Qatar’s reputation in the US. While the blockading countries invested in a smear campaign, Qatar has focused its efforts on its positive relationship with United States and room for future cooperation in investment, countering terrorism, and defense.”

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Why Qatar Is Causing Some Headaches For Trump | CNBC