Weight loss diet plan: How a woman shed TWO stone & THREE dress sizes in three months

Weight loss diet plan: How a woman shed TWO stone & THREE dress sizes in three months

While many people strive to love weight, it’s important to remember that leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle should be the aim. But, for those who are overweight, slimming can be crucial for the good of your health. Having lost confidence in herself, in January last year, Terri Hill, 29, decided to lose weight, and get fit. Weighing in at 12 stone and three pounds at the time, she organised a weight loss competition between herself and fellow work colleagues who were also hoping to slim.

A month later, Terri, from Darlington, joined Xercise4Less, after she found herself beginning to hit a wall with her training goals.

Discussing her previous eating habits – where she had tucked into whatever she wanted due to her fitness regime – Terri explained that stopping regular exercise had seen her begin to gain weight.

“I never really realised the consequences physically as I skated regularly,” she said.

“It was about a year after I stopped skating that I noticed myself feeling sluggish and not as confident in myself.”

But, determined to shift the pounds, Terri began working out again, as well as transforming her diet plan.

No longer eating two breakfasts, fast food, and high-sugar snacks, Terri made healthier decisions when it came to her mealtimes.

And, in a bid to continue getting trim, she signed up to an eight-week transformation camp – running between March and May 2018.

Terri explained: “I am motivated to find balance in my life between my health, being stronger and also eating the occasional pizza!

“I spent a lot of time on Instagram looking at other people’s transformations and loved reading about the difference people could feel in their mental state.”

Her hard work paid off, and Terri managed to drop an impressive three dress sizes in just three months – wearing a woman’s size eight, as opposed to her previous size 14.

And, regularly visiting the gym between three to five times per week, has seen her lose more than two stone.

Now weighing a healthier 10 stone, she said: “I train between three and five times a week, depending on the week! I usually do spinning once or twice and weight train two or three times.”

And, while she may focus on living a healthy lifestyle, Terri insisted that for her, it’s “about balance”.

So, while she may spend some of her time training, the 29-year-old explained she would also enjoy some sugary treats from time to time.

But, these days, Terri tends to indulge on a portion of yoghurt and fruit at breakfast time, followed by a brunch bar when she arrived at work – as well as a protein bar later on for a daily snack.

Rather than fast food for lunch, she typically opts for soup and a seeded bread roll at lunchtime, with a smaller portion of spaghetti bolognese for dinner – followed by fruit or yoghurt.

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