Real-Life Rapunzel Hasn’t Washed Her Hair in 20 Years

Most people can’t go a week without washing their hair, but one real-life Rapunzel from Britain claims she has never washed her six-foot long locks in the last 20 years and that she only needs to comb her hair thoroughly to keep it in pristine condition.

32-year-old Frankie Cluney, an artist from Brighton, in the UK, started growing her hair long when she was six-years-old, and by age 13, it already reached down to her waist. She used to hate washing her hair because getting all the shampoo and conditioner out of it with the shower and then drying it took so long, so when a friend of her mother suggested she simply stop washing it, she decided to do just that. The first few months her long hair was very greasy and her scalp was a bit itchy, but all those problems eventually went away, and she has reportedly done nothing but comb it thoroughly ever since.

Real-Life Rapunzel Hasn’t Washed Her Hair in 20 Years

Photo: Ryan McGuire/Pixabay

“It was one of my mum’s friends who actually mentioned this idea of not washing your hair at all and so I thought why not give it a go and I think for the first couple of months it was very greasy, my scalp was a bit itchy,” Cluney told Barcroft Media. “It’s strangely very low maintenance. People think it must take a lot but because I don’t use any products on it. All I do really is comb it and I do that not even every single day.”

One thing Frankie tends to struggle with from time to time because of her no-washing regimen is tangling, but luckily for her, she doesn’t mind spending half-an-hour to an hour detangling all the little knots in her long hair, and actually calls it a meditative process. As for the advantages of never washing her hair, the English artist says that it absorbs scents, so it kind of acts as a reminder of where she’s been and who she’s been with.

This real-life Rapunzel hasn’t had her hair trimmed since she was 18 and it now reaches down past her feet.

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