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Even though Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan’s relationship is over – over a nude Charlie Puth meme- Or so it seems, their music lives on. During the short time Lil Xan and Noah were together though they collaborated on a song called ‘Live or Die’ and even though they’re no longer together, Noah has released the music video for ‘Live or Die’ that was previously shot and has basically reminded us all that their love is dead. The video features the ex-couple cuddling and making out with each other, and honestly is just sad to watch.

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Live or Die got 5 million streams on Spotify when it came out, and was set to make the Billboard Top 100 but then Noah and Lil Xan broke up. In lighter news though, Noah is getting ready to release her debut EP called Good Cry on September 21st. Noah has said that her EP will feature everything from her axiety to depression and how QUOTE “It’s OK to feel those feelings.” Noah’s our kicks off this Saturday in Ft. Lauderdale.

Meanwhile, days after the split, Lil Xan was seen cozying up to an Instagram model on social media and of course the internet felt some type of way about it so before everyone started jumping to conclusions, Lil Xan had to tell everyone QUOTE “this isn’t my new gf before everyone freaks out.” In fact, the two are collaborators.|900:auto&output-quality=90
It doesn’t seem like these two will be getting back together anytime soon, but at least the legacy of their relationship will live on in this video.

Alright guys gotta kick it over to you now, what are your thoughts on Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan’s music video? Let me know all your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below and then when you’re done with that click right over here to watch another new video and of course don’t forget to subscribe to our channels! Thanks or tuning into Clevver News, I’m your host @nazperez and I’ll see you guys next time!

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