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How to Disable/Turn Off/Stop Google Chrome Auto Update – Windows 10/8/7/Vista

To turn off/disable/stop Google Chrome auto update you should not edit registry. Because it simply doesn’t work in all situations. Rather you should rename Google Chrome update folder from your boot drive. In this video I showed you the 100% working solution of how to correctly turn off/disable/stop Google Chrome automatic update. I ensure you this method will work in almost all situations without any problem. Rest other fixes like changing registry settings, turning off plugins to disable Chrome auto update works in some situations and doesn’t work in many situations. On the other hand if you try to turn off Chrome auto update from registry there are too many works involved. You need to disable at least 5 to 6 settings from registry. And if you want to stop Chrome from updating automatically by just disabling updater plugin then in 2018 Chrome versions you will simply not see the updater plugin at all. Therefore if you want to get ride of Chrome automatic update problem then simply follow my instructions. This method will work in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and even in Windows Vista.

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================== About The Video ==================
This video shows the simple but most effective and dependable fix of how to disable Google Chrome automatic update feature so that it will not be updated without your permission or until you want to update Google Chrome in future.

Warning: There are tons of solutions on this topic but often most of these doesn’t work in all situation. But the fix I showed you here is simply working in 100% cases. Moreover this solution is the simplest one comparatively other complicated solutions like editing registry or deleting plugins.

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