Fans OBSESS Over Ariana Grande’s “Wicked” Performance

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Ariana Grande performed at NBC’s Wicked Concert special and fans are freaking out
Ariana Grande slayed her performance of ‘The Wizard and I’ during The Wicked 15th Anniversary special, that just aired last night. This was her first performance since her breakup with Pete Davidson and it was so good that people actually cried. Take a listen for yourself.
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Exactly. So yes, as I was saying, this performance had people crying. Both in the audience and fans who watched the event last night on NBC. Like this fan, who tweeted QUOTE “I’m literally happy crying rn from @ArianaGrande’s performance on A Very Wicked Halloween”
Other fans even tried petitioning to get Ariana in the musical, like this user who said, PETITION FOR @ArianaGrande TO PLAY ELPHIE IN @WICKED_Musical”
And this fan who tweeted QUOTE “Um…Ariana Grande should play Glinda in the Wicked movie.”

And one fan just suggest them to do another special except next time, just have ariana sing every song, writing QUOTE “Can we have another wicked special where @ArianaGrande sings every song… thanks. Holy crap that was incredible #Wicked15”
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Ariana looked absolutely stunning, wearing almost all green. She had a green shirt, green eyeshadow, green lipstick, a green necklace, even green nails! One thing fans noticed right away though, is that one of those green nails was covered. Why you may ask? Well that is the finger where Ariana has her Pete tattoo. So she actually covered up her tattoo for her ex fiancé during this performance. She literally put a band-aid on the problem.

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