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Superhero movies are timeless tales of larger-than-life characters who possess incredible superhuman talents and strengths. Moviegoers love these type of action movies because, above all else, they present a hero or heroine dedicated to the protection of the public-at-large. These movies generally display beautiful cinematography, as well as exciting animations. Take a look at the following classic movies to see if you have made the trek to the theater for the same incredible stories:

1. Superman (1978)

Whenever anyone hears the term “superhero movies,” “Superman” is the film that immediately comes to mind. This iconic movie stars Christopher Reeve as the impressive Clark Kent/Superman character and also features Marlo Brando as Kent’s father. Among the man iconic scenes, there are craters swallowing cars, mention of nuclear explosions, and visits to other planets. Also, Mario Puzo, author of “The Godfather” series lent his writing talents to the script. The visual effects of the film were groundbreaking for its time, and to this day, “Superman” lives on as one of the great legends.

2. Dr. Strange (1978)

While this television film was produced the same year as “Superman,” it did not quite achieve the same fame. In fact, among superhero movies, this one did not have favorable reception. However, we are including this in the list due to the sheer novelty of the psychiatric aspect. Of course, Dr. Strange is the hero, who like many other superheroes loses his parents as a baby. He discovers his powers and must transport between the physical realm and a spiritual realm. There are evil ladies, demons, and odd promises made in the movie that may be a bit slow at times, but contains wonderful acting.

3. The Mark of Zorro (1940)

“The Mark of Zorro” is a standout among superhero movies. This action-packed film is a remake of the 1920’s Douglas Fairbanks silent film. With Tyrone Powers leading this cast, the movie earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Score. It also landed itself a spot in the National Film Registry. This film is also credited as the inspiration for “Batman,” as the young Bruce Wayne is seen viewing “The Mark of Zorro” as a child.

4. Batman (2008)

This modern-day version of “Batman” features Christian Bale in the sequel to his “Batman Begins.” Hailed as one of the best movies of the year of its release, this film achieved eight Academy Award nominations, including a few wins. The film is dedicated to Heath Ledger, who played the Joker and died shortly after filming concluded.

5. Supergirl (1984)

This movie is included because if you see “Superman,” then it is only fair, out of a sense of feminist honor, that you also see “Supergirl.” A British film, Faye Dunaway and Peter O’Toole both earned Raspberry awards as worst actress and worst actor, respectively. This automatically elevates this film to Cult film status and should be viewed with a comical eye. With a negative review rate of just 7% on “Rotten Tomatoes,” this film is one for the (terrible) books.


Source by Kaitlyn LaPenn